Brand Virals

Paranormal Activity in the Coffee Bar

Just how cruel can we be in scaring poor innocents with scenes that are set-up to completely mess with their

So the initial video may have been a set up or maybe it wasn’t. With a response as immediate as

A Job Interview To Remember?

Do you think all of these people would have seen the funny side? I think one or two appeared slightly

Home Made Virals

The creator of this viral video is one Marina Shifrin. Apparently frustrated with the demands

Twerking? She’s Smoking Hot..

This video was only published 6 days ago and has already got over 9 million

Dancing In Black And White

Over 2.5 million views suggest that this amateur video has achieved virality. This girl dance

Viral Tips

How to make a video go viral Parody



So according to the guys and girls from Smash Mouth, this is how to make a video go viral. Hamsters

How To Make A Viral Video But Maybe Not This One



According to JinnyboyTV, this is their 5 step method of How to make a viral video. The recommended method seems

How To make Videos Go Viral



This is a very informative video by some knowledgeable guys from Edge of the Web radio