A Resignation Video Letter That Went Viral

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A Resignation Video Letter That Went Viral

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 by jaypoole No Comments
A Resignation Video Letter That Went Viral

The creator of this viral video is one Marina Shifrin. Apparently frustrated with the demands placed upon her by a boss who was only interested in “quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets”. She decided to quit and to record the moment for posterity. And because she worked(s?) in viral video making she presumably thought it may be the best chance she’d ever have of producing one that actually took off? Quite artistically she dubbed her effort “An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone” ?

Anyway she was either still at work at 4:30am in the morning, or decided to go into work early (presumably to use the equipment to knock up her viral video). In either case she used the extremely early and unsocial hour to highlight her plight as it featured in the video. So maybe she did have a schmuck of a boss or maybe it was that she’s been working an all nighter before she snapped. Whichever, she still knocked out what will probably be the best viral video her company has produced.

The big question is…. if the company she worked for is responsible for creating news videos – has everyone just been hoodwinked and she’s actually just taken a few weeks well-earned vacation safe in the knowledge this video has now climbed to over 11 million views and earning a lot of publicity..?

Strange how her boss and colleagues have seen fit to respond in the same manner..

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