Photo Sharing Wars – Instagram Vs Twitter

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Photo Sharing Wars – Instagram Vs Twitter

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by jaypoole No Comments
Photo Sharing Wars – Instagram Vs Twitter
You may know that Instagram users are now unable to properly share their photos via Twitter since last week.
Instagram decided it wasn’t going to support Twitter’s Cards feature as it wanted users to start looking at photos using Instagram’s own app rather than just use Instagram as a way of sharing photos on Twitter. Basically ‘Cards’ are just special HTML Meta tags that are added to the HTML of a web page that gives the ability for people who tweet a link to that web page to have the subject of the card added to the Tweet; a card can be a content preview, images or a video. Having the card in the tweet makes the image/video etc visible to all of the person’s followers on Twitter. Instagram took away the HTML tags last week as it wanted to drive traffic from people sharing Instagram images back to Facebook (which owns Instagram).
Now Twitter have announced it has added photo-sharing features to its mobile service, allowing users to edit images and enhance them with various artistic filters – exactly the sort of things you’d have used Instagram for in the past.

Yesterday Instagram announced a release to its ‘camera’ and new filters.

So it doesn’t seem likely that the two networks will be integrating back together any time soon.!

So will this be a bad move for Instagram or Twitter?

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